Our clarity coaching programme boosts educational attainment for pupils

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I have recently have been spending time coaching fourth-year pupils in various Scottish schools using our clarity coaching programme to boost their educational attainment. We use a combination of innovative profiling and target setting. We do this so we can raise awareness of their strengths and weaknesses; challenge self-perceptions and self- limiting beliefs.

Profiling as a key part of the clarity coaching programme

Our clarity coaching programme is underpinned by a detailed profiling report produced after the young person completes a short online questionnaire. This is based on the work of Carl Jung. Our profiles highlight young people's default personality styles. The report creates an opportunity for discussion about themselves. We use the profile to explores the strengths and areas of potential growth for them. We then tailor the coaching approach to develop their confidence, resilience and leadership qualities.

Our clarity coaching programme uses profiling
Our profiling reports give young people actionable insight

The struggle is real

Young people really struggle with knowing how to plan and prioritise their work. Our clarity coaching interventions address this head-on. We focus on target setting and increasing accountability. I am constantly surprised by the fact that our young people simply lack the strategies to study effectively. Our clarity coaching programme breaks this down for them step by step. For example:

  • what topics to focus on,
  • Where to study.
  • When to study.
  • How to balance exercise and wellbeing.
  • Using checklists.

Whatever the barriers and challenges they face, we work out a plan with them.

A major issue many young people face is the pressure of social media. This impacts on how they feel; the pressure of keeping up and fitting in with peers.

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Our clarity coaching programme creates the space for actionable insight to emerge. We get them to think about the nature of their resilience. We help them understand the nature of thought and the relationship with feelings and behaviours. Young people comment on how empowered this makes them feel. Having clarity enables them to take charge of their lives.

Accountability matters

Some report burying their heads in the sand on the run-up to their exams. Yet they are still feeling anxious as a result. To combat this, the clarity coaching programme ensures accountability. We check-in with our young people to see how they are getting on. We address with them any challenges they require help with. Our clarity coaching programme is about driving changes in behaviour; attitudes and skills. Our clear focus on goals and being able to see progress; empowers our learners and increases their confidence and resilience and gets results.

The clarity coaching programme includes for each of our partner schools, a bespoke study skills website. We use a combination of any existing school materials and a combination of our own top tips for mental health and wellbeing. We also use our amazing video clips and tips on subjects such as with exam stress.

Our coaching programme is unique. We combine effective coaching and detailed insight through our profile report; accountability and targeted interventions to help our young people increase their confidence and wellbeing. All of which has a positive impact on educational attainment.

We would love to work with you and your school. To find out more about our clarity coaching programme please contact us today.