Getting feedback right to create growth mindset cultures in our classrooms.

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Recently, I interviewed Shirley Clarke for an episode of our webinar series Making Mindset Real. Shirley's work focuses on feedback and places emphasis on getting learning intentions right at the planning stage. She reminds us of the need to separate the learning intention from the context of the lesson.

Shirley Clarke author of Enriching Feedback In The Primary Classroom
Shirley Clarke author of 'Enriching feedback in the primary classroom'

We also need to work hard to create the right climate for a quality feedback culture to thrive in our classrooms. Feedback is a critical underpinning of instilling a growth mindset culture in all of our learners. Without effective information on your progress, you can not improve your performance as a learner or indeed an educator.

In her book, enriching feedback in the primary classroom, Shirley reminds us of the need to pre-assess what learners know effectively. We need to make sure that we are not making assumptions about what our learners know. Using pre-assessment links to growth mindset and getting the challenge right for all of our learners so that we can keep them switched on and working to their full potential.

Shirley's writing gives useful ideas for paired marking and ensuring that your school has a robust framework embedded in policy. A coherent approach to marking and feedback will help all of the teaching team work together to be consistent.

You can watch my webinar with Shirley below:

Watch John Paul interview Shirley Clarke on our Making Mindset Real Webinar

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