For resilient learners, we need a culture of challenge in our schools

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We had a very lively discussion at our Developing Learner Resilience Event yesterday in Glasgow with myself and James Nottingham of Challenging Learning and also the creator of the Learning Pit, focusing on what we can do to foster greater resilience in our young people in school.

We talk often about us having a national and international problem of resilience with our children and young people and school leaders are under huge pressure to support young people but also to raise attainment. And of course, resilience and attainment are inextricably linked. Yet the word resilience itself is often not understood clearly.

So, how can we do this in a way that is meaningful? James took us through the psychology of learners and what we can do across our school cultures to scaffold the learning experience for them. One of the biggest areas that we can improve is on getting the level of challenge right for our learners across the board.

We also need to model mindset and look across the culture of our staff teams. Are our staffroom and classrooms places where it is a safe space to make mistakes and learn from failure? It occurred to me yesterday, that If we want resilient children, we also need to work hard to ensure that we have ourselves and teams of staff as resilient as possible.

Embracing challenge and taking risks with our classroom practice to try ideas; to innovate and to create the core conditions where our learners can thrive are all critical ingredients in developing learners mindset.

Through the Challenging Learning process, we can help schools and clusters develop learner resilience and attainment through a strategic plan developed after a comprehensive baseline assessment. Get in touch today via our website:

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