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How do you create a growth mindset culture in school?

Carol Dweck's work on Growth Mindset has a huge role to play in education. Yet, the central ideas of her work often do not result in the success that educators and parents hope for.

Part of this challenge, is that attempts to embed a Growth Mindset culture are not systematic or applied consistently. The big challenge facing teachers and school leaders is making a Mindset culture a permanent change across school life. It is not enough for pupils to tell us what the Growth Mindset is. We need them to embrace challenge.

Affecting this behavioural change has is the focus of our work at TeachMindset. We believe that it is critical that not only do all of the staff team model mindset, but parents understand the need for a focus on effort. Creating a growth mindset culture is much wider than what happens within learning and teaching.

John Paul is in the process of writing his new ebook, and is making available the current guide available for a limited period only. The guide: Making Mindset Real for school leaders is accessible and practical.

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