Freestyle footballer creates mindset success in school

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Meet TeachMindset's latest addition to our team, 22-year-old freestyle footballer Ross Brown who lives and breathes Growth Mindset.

We all talk about Growth Mindset, but how do we get pupils to make the connection with their passion and talents? More importantly, how do we get them to take action in their own lives across every aspect of the curriculum? Well, we have developed a successful way of turning inspiration into action combining Mindset with freestyle footballer Ross.

Ross in action

Hard work; effort and practice

Ross was 20 when he first decided he wanted to be the best freestyle footballer he could be having never tried it before! With no prior experience, he taught himself the techniques; ball control and mental discipline required. Ross embarked on daily practice; regular hard work and taking feedback and inspiration from coaches. Ross has succeeded in being able to master these skills and now, as part of our team; amazes primary and secondary pupils across the UK with his freestyle footballer talent! So, how is Ross able to translate his experience to pupils?

Ross is able to convey with passion his story and then set a challenge to pupils to focus on the elements of their school work or the skills they need to develop and make it their mission to improve. Ross talks about the need to learn from failure; embrace criticism and put in the all-important effort for mastery whether their dream is to be a freestyle footballer; pilot; architect; swimmer; actor or just master maths success. It's just a question of what style of workshop or whole school programme you require.

Whole school or 1 off workshop?

We prefer to do whole school programmes on Mindset and resilience to inspire parents; carers and pupils alike for greater impact but can inspire with a 1 off workshop. Remember, this isn't just about the freestyle footballer in action though! It's about getting pupils to think deeply about their own mindset and attitude to feedback and critique. We can combine with PSE slots and we also do highly regarded sessions on pupil peer mentoring or coaching to set pupil's targets for their own learning so they can track their improvement and raise attainment.

We would love to work with your school today and work nationally and internationally. Book your mindset freestyle footballer workshop today. For more information visit: