Katie Walton shares the secrets of growth mindset success for your primary classroom

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A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Katie Walton, author of The Mindset Melting Pot, for our Making Mindset Real webinar series. We chatted about Mindset success in the primary classroom.

Ordinarily these things are quite straightforward, however, ours began with much hilarity after a false start when Katie and I thought we were live, only to discover that we were in fact only talking to ourselves! This most certainly got the adrenalin running on my part and I had to remind myself that learning from failure helps us all! Katie's humour, energy and passion saved the day.

Katie, a primary school teacher in England, has written The Mindset Melting Pot which you can purchase from amazon here. This is an amazing collection of inspired ideas to help create a growth mindset culture in your primary classroom and is one that we use in a lot of our schools based work across the country. It's friendly and jam packed with practical activities and we thoroughly commend it to you to help your learners have mindset success.

One of the interesting things is that Katie, by adopting a Growth Mindset, learned how to do the illustrations for her own book - now that inspiring!

Katie is so energetic, passionate and committed to helping every teacher support their pupils Mindset development. The activities in her book are fun, engaging and tried and tested which is why we use them in most of our primary work across the UK.

Katie has let slip that she has been busy working on her next book that she is working on for parents that will be published soon and we can't wait to read it.

You can watch our webinar below:

Making Mindset Real Webinar with Katie Walton and Dr John Paul Fitzpatrick

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