St Columba's High School use TeachMindset Coach to boost study skills

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If you want to have children and young people unlocking their potential, it takes more than understanding the mechanics of revision, we need to address pupil's beliefs about their potential. A Mindset Coach can help unleash the potential in our learners.

I have been working with the staff at St Columba's High School in Gourock as a Mindset Coach to help them with their mission to help all pupils achieve their full potential. As part of a rolling programme of work; we ran successful study skills residential weekend for senior pupils on the run-up to prelims and exams. I am in a unique position to do this coming from an informal education background; being trained as an executive coach and having a deep understanding of Mindset and how this can affect our potential.

Study skills weekends allow young people precious extra revision time and an opportunity to increase their confidence and resilience and beliefs about their capabilities and potential. The team at St Columba's were energetic, enthusiastic and really worked to create an amazing; informal atmosphere that enabled young people to thrive.

Learners motivated and working hard on their maths on saturday morning

Staff used informal education approaches to build amazing relationships with learners and ran classes from Friday to Sunday across their main subjects as well as team-building activities. My role in this was as an embedded Mindset coach; fostering a deep connection with all of the learners. In essence, I was their resident Mindset coach for the weekend with a focus on resilience, motivation and encouraging potential.

Across the weekend; I worked informally with groups and individual young people. What became apparent was that young people often just needed reassurance; setting a plan for their study and that they knew within themselves what needed to be done.

I work hard to build meaningful rapport and a deep connection of relational trust and shared understanding. This creates opportunities for powerful insight to emerge.

And boy did insights emerge aplenty! For some it was as simple as talking through their thinking about their priorities; others it was how; where and when to study. I was struck by how many told me of not knowing how to study, so practical tips such as managing their time; managing their mobile and digital distraction and approaches to studying that help retain information were the basis for much of my Mindset Coaching. Many realised as the result of coaching that their stress was coming from within; for others, they realised that their effort could be improved.

All of our mindset coaching is underpinned by high challenge to learners about their effort; goals and targets and testing their willingness to take action. I loved their visceral honesty; humour; enthusiasm and passion. Young people reported feeling empowered; less anxious and more prepared as a result of having a dedicated Mindset coach over the weekend.

Informal team building activities building confidence.

The staff and young people at St Columba's High School in Gourock are truly inspirational and it's an honour and a pleasure to work with such passionate and amazing people.

Keep inspiring everyone!

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